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Why Choose VHC?


We guide you through the process of licensing your healthcare facility, including pharmacies and durable medical equipment facilities to ensure compliance with all regulations and requirements. We submit licensing applications for all 50 US States (including District of Columbia) for independent pharmacies looking to grow their compounding or infusion presence.


We assist healthcare personnel and organizations in obtaining accreditations to demonstrate their commitment to quality care and patient safety. We submit applications for accreditation and provide clients with customized standard operating procedures. Our team trains you and your staff to the point of compliance to have a successful inspection process. 


Our team provides durable medical equipment billing and training support to ensure that your staff is fully trained and equipped to handle any situation with great efficiency. Our VHC billing and processing team manages all DME orders. This service includes eligibility, authorization, and sending you delivery ticket packages for you to proceed with delivery.  Lastly, our team bills the claim to the payer. You simply deliver and collect your revenue thereby cutting out costly labor expenses. 


We create personalized compliance plans to meet the unique needs of your healthcare facility and ensure that you are always in compliance with changing regulations. VHC amends Plans of Correction as needed and prepares your staff for inspections and accreditations.


We provide business development assistance to help your healthcare facility grow and thrive in a constantly evolving industry.

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